"Should I even be concerned?"

"Isn't this just normal?
Why doesn't it feel 'normal' to me?"

"How bad of an issue is this for me?"

If you have asked yourself questions like these about your sexual behavior, you have something within you seeking growth and freedom. You may desire change but feel stuck and wonder, “Where do I even start?” You are not alone. 

Or perhaps you have tried everything to change your unwanted sexual behaviors, but progress has felt like ‘one step forward, and two steps back’. You may be asking yourself, “Why even bother trying?”. It feels pointless to hope for something different, when you’re efforts have only ended in disappointment. You are not alone.  

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The Sexual Behavior Self-Assessment is designed to help you identify themes in your life that contribute to your unwanted sexual choices. Whether it’s the use of pornography, infidelity, buying sex, random sexual encounters, etc., these behaviors are not random. 

The assessment will show you the primary predictors in your story—past and present—that could be influencing your behavior. Until these dimensions of your life are transformed, the struggle with unwanted sexual behavior will often remain.

The Sexual Behavior Self-Assessment can be a road-map to the transformation you desire. Whereas many self-assessments are designed to help you see the severity of your struggle, the Sexual Behavior Self-Assessment moves beyond that, revealing the precise connections between your story and the sexual choices you make today. 

This assessment can be the catalyst to move you from a life of trying to control your sexual desires to understanding the meaning within them and allowing that meaning to guide you to freedom and unimaginable fulfillment. 

The Sexual Behavior Self-Assessment is based on research on over 3,800 men and women.

Your Assessment Report

At the completion of this survey, you will receive a nearly forty (40) page report to guide you in identifying the “why” behind your sexual behavior as well as directions to consider for growth. The report is organized into five sections.

Current Unwanted Sexual Behavior

This section will highlight and rank the unwanted sexual behavior you’ve pursued in the last year. This could be the use of pornography, infidelity, buying sex, random sexual encounters, etc.

Core Fantasies

The core-fantasy section will call attention to the unwanted sexual themes you find arousing within your unwanted sexual behavior. The goal is to begin to make preliminary connections between the fantasies you wish to stop and the other areas of your life that may be contributing to them.

Childhood Drivers

This section will point out some of the earliest drivers of your unwanted sexual behavior, including your relationship with your parents and formative experiences such as trauma. This section helps to address one of the main questions associated with unwanted sexual behavior: “How did I get here?”

Present-Day Experiences

This section will identify areas of difficulty and resilience in your day-to-day life. Many people want to “stop” their unwanted sexual behavior, but until they recognize why they continue with it, freedom will often be elusive.

Action Planning

All good insights should lead you into significant decisions about how you will shape the trajectory of your future. This section will invite you to consider what key contributors to unwanted sexual behavior you feel most ready to address and to put a plan together to address them.

Please note

This self-assessment is not intended to be proscriptive. Unlike traditional self-assessments that identify areas of strength or weakness, this instrument is intended to help you identify some patterns that may have contributed to, or continue to contribute to, your choices of unwanted sexual behavior that you desire to stop engaging. Your results will provide you some “compass headings” – some directions that you might consider taking on your journey toward freedom. By no means should you consider these results definitive conclusions about your unique sexual story, nor should you consider this empirical clinical diagnosis.

While this instrument has been designed with deep clinical knowledge and research behind it, only a licensed mental health professional can help you translate these results into concrete conclusions. You may choose to withdraw or stop the assessment at any point. You may experience discomfort as you think about the formative experiences and relationships of your childhood and your present day sexual behavior as an adult. 

Please do not take the Sexual Behavior Self-Assessment unless you are 18 years of age or older.

Take the assessment

If you’re ready to know more about where your choices began, and consider what lasting change might require, take the self-assessment to get started on your journey.

The assessment will likely take you between 20-30 minutes to complete. After you submit your responses, your personalized report will be emailed to you.

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